Chef Yohanis Culinary Research Institute (CRI)

By CY Group Restaurants

Where tradition meets innovation in African culinary education

CY Group Restaurants

Introducing Chef Yohanis Culinary Research Institute (CRI): Pioneering African Cuisine Education

Chef Yohanis Culinary Research Institute (CRI) stands at the forefront of culinary innovation and education, marking the latest addition to the esteemed portfolio of the CY Group. Committed to giving back to the community and fostering excellence in the hospitality industry, CRI is dedicated to training and providing professionals to both local and international businesses.

A Legacy of Culinary Exploration

At CRI, our mission is rooted in the exploration of indigenous edibles and the preservation of culinary heritage. Through meticulous research, we delve into the depths of nature’s bounty, uncovering treasures from ancient herbs to organic, untamed livestock that have thrived for thousands of years. Our commitment to excellence extends to the standardization and categorization of iconic African staples like Injera, Kocho (false banana tree root flatbread), and cornbread, ensuring that these culinary treasures are preserved and celebrated for generations to come.

Embracing Ancestral Wisdom and Natural Practices

Central to CRI’s ethos is the recognition of culinary history and the importance of ancestral ways of cooking and consuming food. We serve as the custodians of African cuisine, welcoming education that is deeply rooted in nature and ancestral wisdom. Through short-term specialized skills education and long-term university affiliations, CRI aims to provide some of the finest culinary arts and hotel management training in the Horn of Africa. Our programs are designed to empower Africans and individuals worldwide who seek to reconnect with the natural ways of making and enjoying food.

Building a Brighter Future for African Hospitality

With a strong foundation in community engagement and culinary excellence, Chef Yohanis Culinary Research Institute is poised to shape the future of African hospitality. Whether you’re a passionate food enthusiast or an aspiring hospitality professional, CRI offers a gateway to a world where tradition meets innovation, and where the roots of African cuisine are nurtured and celebrated.

Join Us in Redefining African Cuisine Education

Embark on a journey of culinary discovery with Chef Yohanis Culinary Research Institute. Explore the rich tapestry of African flavors, learn from industry experts, and become part of a community dedicated to preserving and advancing the legacy of African cuisine. Together, we can redefine the future of food and hospitality in Africa and beyond.