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A chef Yohanis group restaurant

Asa in Amharic stands for Fish and Bet for house. This all-in-all seafood concept restaurant aims to bring you the best of Ethiopian fishes. With more than 200 documented species among which 57 are, to the minimum known to be edible, Asabet wishes to diversify the seafood culture in Addis Abeba.

Made of 3 distinctive sections:

On-the-Go district

Strictly for take away purposes, offering a limited but tasty and affordable dining options

The Lab Restaurant

Offering a wide range of exotic Ethiopian fish species and a tailored cooking method to each taste profile

The Sip & taste Bar

Where you are invited to discover some of the best canape creations, at our cost, while you sip a glass of wine and wait for your seat to clear

Asabet Features

Topped with exciting new features like Asabet App, cooking classes, weekend all you can eat live Buffet and, wait for it… a butchery exclusively to fish and by products, we at Asabet are confident to create some of your most memorable culinary experience.

Asabet App
Anytime, Anywhere!

CY Group Restaurants brings you the Asabet mobile app to make your experience much more fun and easy.

CY Group Restaurants

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